Adding NoFollow Automatically Over All External Links in WordPress

I know you guys out there are trying to make your blog Nofollow because this can save the PR juice and increase your blog PR (PageRank) effectively. The Nofollow tag is basically used to let search engines know that not to follow the URLs that has Nofollow attribute. See how Nofollow attribute looks like:

<a rel="nofollow" href="">Web Development Resources</a>

So, as we have already written several articles about How to increase external links for your blog, How to mask external links to internal links in WordPress, and now going to add NoFollow automatically over all external links in WordPress.

Handle External Links

Handle External Links helps you to control when to set rel=”nofollow” on external links and when not only in WordPress. You can set the nofollow attribute depending on the 404 status, PageRank, whether the URL is blacklisted or white-listed, and much more flexible.

How it Works?

All you have to do is to install Handle External Links in your blog, afterwards go to Settings > Handle External Links and configure the settings as you want them.

Handle External Links

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  1. It is actually a very bad idea to make all external links nofollow. Google is not stupid, they want us to give due credit to external blogs if we refer to them and so we must make them dofollow. On the other hand, links to advertisers, affiliates etc must be nofollow. Even morally, we should make useful links dofollow!

    1. Hi @Ayush Agrawal, thanks for sharing very great opinions with us. On the first hand you are right but what about Pagerank…? If you give credits to external links as dofollow your PR juice will be shared with the external links and the more you have external links, the more your PR juice will distribute. 😉

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