When the Next PageRank Will Update?

PageRank Update, PR Update, PR upgrade what the heck with Google. When will be the next PageRank Update? When?

Damn it…

I’m bored looking at 0 PR again and again on prchecker.info. Talking to myself, when will it be updated. What the heck with Google.

Nobody knows when the next Google Pagerank will update? And what happened to Google, why it’s not been updating the PageRank. It’d been 5 months long and yet the PR is not updated.

Oh my God. Damn it.

when will google-Page-rank-update

When the Next PageRank Will Update?

Yet it’s expected to update at the end of July or August of 2013. The last one was updated in 4 of February 2013.

Last PR Updates

Every time I saw and noticed that the PageRank is continuously updating within 3 to 4 months. You can the history of PR updates right over here:

  • 4 February 2013
  • 7 November 2012
  • 2 August 2012
  • 2 May 2012
  • 7 February 2012
  • 7 November 2011
  • 1st Week August 2011
  • July 2011
  • June 2011
  • January 2011
  • April 2010
  • Dec 31, 2009
  • 30 October 2009
  • 27/28 May 2009
  • June 2009
  • 1 / 2 April 2009
  • 30-31 December 2008
  • 27 September 2008
  • 26 July 2008
  • 29 April 2008
  • 9 January 2008
  • 26 October 2007
  • 28 April 2007

Tip to get PageRank in this Update

  1. Save PR juice (The strength of links targeting a specific page and the external links which being are shown on that page at this point the link strength which is passed to these external sites, this being the link juice or PR juice).
  2. Increase the number of Backlinks (Dofollow as well as Nofollow)
  3. Do commenting on other blogs other there on internet
  4. Do guest posting
  5. Write good content on your blog
  6. Never trick search engines to rank well
  7. Use SEO plugins

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  1. Hi Muhammad Haroon, It’s Amazing to share with us about the PR Updates. I would like to thanks for giving us a short list of last PR updates. It is not only best post but it is best of best of for bloggers.

  2. i am also waiting for Google pagerank update and never before 5 months. maybe a big change in pr . un saludo good blog haroon.

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