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FnordMetric Framework for Creating Real-Time Dashboards

Yet another awesome and tidy framework to create real-time dashboards called “FnordMetric Framework“, which is an open source web application and hosted free to use. Let’s you create beautiful real-time dashboards within minutes.

FnordMetric UI is actually a HTML5/JavaScript API which allows you to plug real-time data and charts inside any webpage without worrying about a single line of code. Doesn’t matter if you don’t know the web languages such HTML/CSS/jQuery but now your time matters, the more you work the more you grow. FnordMetric Framework gives you maximum flexibility as you have full control over layout and style with HTML and CSS.

FnordMetric Real Time Dashboard

The application has a UI for visualizing the data and also it offers a HTML5/JavaScript API for inserting charts/data inside webpages as widgets.

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