Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks in 2013

In one of my recent posts, one post was on the list of awesome The Top 5 Free WordPress Theme Frameworks, they are free and offers much options and features. But less than the Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks. Some WordPress Theme Frameworks are Premium, that cannot be used until we purchase them, they are extremely advanced and always used to create an awesome Blog. These WordPress Theme Frameworks are easy to install, save time, optimized SEO, and many more other features. A WordPress Theme Framework is like a Parent theme, mean we can install Child Theme or Skin, to make the design more awesome. Here in the post we will read about The Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks, that can empower your blog incredibly. The Top Blogs always use Premium Themes because they are unique having awesome designs and are fully customized, SEO optimized, mostly designed on HTML5, CSS, and they save a lot of time. I greatly affectionate towards Genesis Framework, so I would write it at the top of the list! after all it is also used by Problogger and many others that can show, how great is the Genesis Framework.

Premium WordPress Theme framework 2013

Top 5 Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks

1. Genesis Framework by StudioPress

A Genesis Framework costs only $59.95 one time fee, which can used on multiple blogs. No Developer Option is  here. The Genesis Framework mostly doesn’t look Attractive but when a Child Theme is installed the Genesis can easily make your blog highly Professional. A Child mostly costs $24.95 at StudioPress. But when the Genesis Framework and a Chosen Child Theme are purchased at the same time, then they cost only $79.95, there is also discount coupon option through which you can save much money using Discount Coupon! That’s Absolutely a Good News 😀 The Genesis can be Purchased and Downloaded from the Official Website of StudioPress. StudioPress doesn’t only offers the Excellent, Genesis Framework with its 44+ Awesome Child Themes, but also awesome Plugins to make the Genesis even more better, Tutorials for Beginner Genesis Users, and a Forum for helping and discussing with Genesis Users etc. The Genesis Framework is highly Search Engine Optimized (SEO). I love the Genesis Framework + News Child Theme so much! but I cannot purchase them, because Unfortunately the PayPal is not available in Pakistan, and the Credit Card is very hard to get. So, I explore different Premium Themes for my Blog! And Finally will soon change the Theme. 🙂

Demo | Purchase it

2. Thesis Framework by DiyThemes

When I was exploring lists of Top Premium WordPress Theme Frameworks, I noticed a thing that everywhere I saw Thesis Framework is listed at the Top of the List. The Thesis Framework is without any doubt, absolutely Great but the reason I even don’t know, why I don’t like it? it offers a wide variety of Skins, skins mean a Child Theme. It has two Options/Package. First is Developer Option, which can be used on Unlimited Blogs, with 30 days money back Guarantee. While the second option is Personal Option, which can be used only on one live website, with lifetime thesis upgrades, and along with 30 days money back guarantee. Choose the Option which you need if you want to run it only on one website, choose the Personal Option which costs only $87, but if you want to run it on multiple websites, the Developer Option would be suitable for you! the Developer Costs $164. “Thesis is also Best”.

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3. Headway Framework

Headway‘s Drag & Drop Framework is of course an Amazing Framework, that has Three fine Options/Packages. The Headway is highly SEO Optimized, it also has a Design editor. Design Editor lets you Add Fonts, background images, shadows, design for hyperlinks and much more without touching a code all happens through the Design Editor, its one of the Great Features included in Headway Framework! 😉  Headway is listed at the third position, because of its cool features and facilities. Headway’s Drag and Drop Framework is based on HTML5, with amazing designing. Headway’s all three great Packages includes Drag & Drop Frameworks, Headway’s Payment Methods are Credit Card by Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.

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4. PageLines

PageLines WordPress Theme Framework is especially only for creating Professional Website, easier, faster, with lots of other features. The PageLines only Framework Price is $97 for Professional Edition/Option and the Developer Edition’s Framework costs $197both edition mostly are similar but only 2 differences exist, that the Developer Edition supports Vanilla Forum, MediaWiki etc. While Professional Edition doesn’t contain these integrations. Both Edition have 30 Days Money Back Guarantee, which is Rocking!

Demo | Purchase it

5. WooFramework by WooThemes

I’m extremely inspired by the theme designs of WooThemes, they look much Professional, and loads very faster. The WooThemes also built themes, for Ecommerce (Electonic Commerce) where the visitors of the website can shop their needs very easily with lots of options! Such Themes by WooThemes are Called WooCommerce. That’s Truly a Good Service of WooThemes, but including all these service it also provides its great easy WordPress Framework! that’s lovingly called WooFramework. The SEO settings here in the WooFramework, work deeply and can readily turn your site traffic on the Top! 😀

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