Top 13 SEO Facts to Improve Search Engine Ranking

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Well, SEO (abbr: Search Engine Optimization) if your site is not search engine friendly then the only mean is that your content will not be able to go viral to a wide range of audience on the internet who want interesting content to read every day. There maybe a couple of reasons about why your website is not getting mention by Google, Yahoo, Bing like great search engines. But I only left 13 SEO facts below that you should read if you want to get mention by search engines. Yeah, these works like charm and you should try these. So, if you want to optimize your website for search engines then you should follow these 13 SEO facts to improve your site’s search engine ranking. I guess if you are on WordPress you should also install some important plugins to improve your site SEO.


The Top 13 SEO Facts

Top 13 SEO Facts

1. Pick a Great Niche

The niche of your site matters the most. Well, if you have enough knowledge for about your niche whatever it relates to, technology, writing, inspiring, etc. You must stick to your niche and provide your site a great and unique content. So that your reader be happy and keep visiting your site.

2. Write Unique Content

Your website is stand up just because of -the more you write great quality content, the more your site grow- your quality content. A person can make fool search engine bots using his tricky ways but it’ll not for a long time to make fool search engines again and again because once your site got hit by search engines then your tricky ways will not be able to recover the outcome. So, be honest and keep the web clean by writing great and meaningful content for your readers.

3. Keywords Research

Target the specific keywords for your site which must relate to your niche of your site, if you select the unknown keywords then your site might be hit by search engines.

4. Make SEO friendly URLs

Your site posts URLs play a big role in case improving your site SEO. So be careful about choosing your site URL structure. I guess use which is preferable the most by search bots. If your site facing the numbering URLs  like (?p=1258) then do change them with mentioned structure above because this will more SEO friendly.

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5. Alt and Title Attribute in Images

Don’t forget to add the alt and title attribute in your blog posts images, which is the most important part that search engine bots read to determine what image is about. As search engines are not humans, they can’t see but of course can read the part from your image’s HTML section about the alt and title attribute. Use the alt and title attribute from HTML section like this:

<img src”” alt=”short image desc” title=”title of the image” />

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6. Build External Links

The External Links mean how many times your site link placed to other sites. This is possible when you write great content and others will be happily link back to your website post. This caused to pull your site audience and Google PageRank too.


7. Build Internal Links

Links to your own content/posts/pages in your own pages are called internal links and SEO values it. Try to interlink your articles more and more. Plus advantages of this is that your readers get more stuff to digest.

8. Go Social

You should be socialize with your fellow bloggers. You should install social sharing buttons in your website to let your reader share your informative articles on biggest social sharing sites. I guess install the buttons for major social sites (like Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc) on every page of your website which contain a vast part of knowledge.

9. Having shorter slugs

Keep your slug as short as possible and also ensure it does contain the most suitable keywords that you want to rank for. See how ViperChill, CopyBlogger and other big sites like that have their URLs shorter… have a look at their articles!

10. PageRank Matters the Most

PageRank increases when your site get back-links from others sites. And this is possible when your site has some great content that people will happily link back to it. Well, see the point 6 to understand more about PageRank.

11. PPC will not Affect your Ranking

These PPC (abbr: Pay Per Click) just can increase the page views and if you are happy looking at your organic rankings from PPC advertising, then I must say that these page views gonna left one day, when after you will not be able to pay for your PPC ads and at the time you lose your organic traffic in just a few days. Even your site can be penalized by Google or other search engines if you use PPC. Because it’s a tricky way to get traffic.

12. Never Buy Links

Never Buy Links, although most of the people out there are thinking about buying external links is a good idea. But I must say that don’t buy links because these are not natural links. Google Disavow Program track those links which are unnatural and caste those sites having high priority of unnatural links into recycle bin.

13. XML Sitemap

Actually, the XML Sitemap makes it easy for the crawlers to view the complete structure of your website to index your website blog posts/pages quick and effectively.

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