How to Optimize Content For SEO with SEO Content Helper

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SEO (abbr: Search Engine Optimization) is main thing if you want your website to rank well in search results. In this way, many folks out there optimizes their websites for search engines, don’t you?

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Some use All in one SEO pack WP plugin and some WordPress SEO by Yoast WP plugin to make their sites search engine friendly. But all I’m going to show you in this article is how to optimize content for SEO. The important analysis that actually search engines follow to display results in search engine.

SEO Content Helper

SEO Content Helper WordPress plugin let’s you know about how search engine friendly your content is. It’s your assistant and when writing great content with search engines in mind. It’s very easy-to-use.

SEO Content Helper

What you can do with SEO Content Helper?

Add keywords

You can add custom keywords related to the post/page you are writing. This will tell the SEO Content Helper what are the words that are important for the post or page.
Note: Primary keywords are more important than the Secondary Once.

Keywords SEO Content Helper

SEO Analyzer

This will let you know the most important things to do inside of content if you want to optimize the content effectively.

Keyword distribution

The keyword distribution will show you a visual eye to the content how your keywords are distributed in your content. The keywords will be highlighted in green or grey blocks of content, much like a map…

Keyword density

In this section you can see the words that are most frequently appearing in your content. It also highlight the words when they match the ones in your keyword list.


Install and activate the plugin SEO content helper in your blog:

  1. Make a new post
  2. Write the article
  3. Add the keywords in the plugin
  4. Save the post once.
  5. Finally, how optimized is your content now for SEO.
  6. That’s it

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  1. Hi!

    Great review of SEO Content Helper! However you forgot to link to the home page of the plugin.


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    1. Hi @Jens Törnell , you welcome. BTW thank you for letting me know about the homepage…

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  2. I am new bloger ‘’. I am using this plugin. I want to know one thing that which number is the best for seo or say, to be enlisted in top 10. Can you tell me plz?

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  3. Hi!

    Great review of SEO Content Helper! However, you forgot to link to the home page of the plugin.


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