Yep, it’s a part of blogging which sometimes or all the times came up, that you got to add your own images inside of your blog posts, and it’s obvious that you will not allow others to steal the images blah, blah, blah. And in order to protect your blog images you add a watermark inside of images by using any graphics software like CorelDraw, Photoshop, etc. Here is what you can now protect your images by adding watermark image as well as the signature in your uploaded images within seconds without using graphics softwares.

Signature Watermark is a WordPress plugin which adds a watermark image as well  as the signature in your blog images. It’ll save your time from editing each image to add Watermark separately. 😉

How Signature Watermark Works?

All you need to do is to install and activate signature watermark plugin. And follow the steps below:

1. Under Settings > Signature Watermark, users can configure their watermarks for each Text Signature as well as Image or both.

2. On settings page, choose your watermark type, see right here:

WordPress Plugin Signature Watermark Settings

You may use text plus image, only text or only image too for your watermark. Suppose if you are choosing only image then you should specify the sizes of the images to which the watermark would apply such as thumbnail, medium, large and full size, it’d be great if you choose all of them to avoid any type of distractions.

Preview of Text Watermark:

Signature Watermark Plugin Options

How to add Image or Text Watermark?

You’ve decided to use image as for your watermark, then you got to upload an image under Media > Add New and you got to  copy the URL of this image from the same page and paste it in the Image Watermark Options. Done.