How to Display Featured Images in RSS Feed of a WordPress Blog

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Now, you can display featured images in RSS feed of your WordPress blog. This will make your RSS feed more interesting by displaying the featured images in it rather than displaying just text in your blog RSS feed.

Featured Images in RSS

Featured Images in RSS WordPress plugin adds featured images from your WordPress blog posts to your RSS feed output seamlessly, with featured image size and CSS positioning options. This method of adding featured images in RSS feed requires no programming language skills in order to do that.

This plugin works fine for Feedburner, Chimpfeedr, and Mailchimp’s RSS-to-Email campaigns, with the featured images added to the left or centred above the text, or to the left of the text, and with thumbnail, medium, large, or full sizes. This plugin is also Multisite compatible, once you Network Activate the plugin it will start working and simply add featured images to all site’s RSS feeds. It defaults to thumbnail sizes with left above text positioning.

How does Featured Images in RSS WordPress plugin Works?

Follow these simple steps:

  1. Install and activate the plugin Featured Images in RSS in your blog
  2. Afterwards, navigate to Settings → Featured Images in RSS Settings
  3. Configure the rest of plugin as you want it to be.

Featured Images in RSS screenshot

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