How to Assign Featured Image Automatically in WordPress

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I’m this today’s article, let me show you how I assign featured image automatically in WordPress blog posts. This keeps me tension free from adding featured image to each single blog post, which I myself consider as time-consuming task. I’m happy, that WordPress gives me a lot more options that I can do in any WP blog to accomplish any task given to me. And this time, I am going to show you how  to assign featured image automatically in WordPress? So, here is the deal…

Automatic Featured Image Posts

Automatic Featured Image Posts WordPress plugin assigns the featured image automatically once you added the images to new post, the plugin will retrieve any of your uploaded images and assign as featured image. By the way,  through the plugin’s settings page, you can set the image to publish and assign itself to one of your other existing custom post types and/or post formats.

Automatic Featured Image Posts

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