How to Force Users to Add Featured Image in WordPress

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In this short tutorial, I’ll teach you how to force users to add featured image in WordPress? Many WordPress blog users just forget to add featured image in their blog post while publishing their posts. If they keep forget adding the featured images then it would be a time-consuming task to re-edit those blog posts to assign featured images.

So, I just come up with this simple technique that why not let WordPress blog administrators to force users to add featured image in their corresponding blog posts. I’ve already written an article about how to assign featured image automatically in WordPress blog posts.

Now, you can easily force your blog users to add featured image in WordPress blog posts. You will need this option, if you have a multi-author WordPress blog. Using this article, you will be able to force your blog authors to add a featured image in each and every time before publishing any new blog post. Hope you will also like this article, so keep reading.

Require Featured Image

Require Featured Image WordPress plugin will require authors to have a featured image in their blog posts before they will be published on your WordPress blog.

Require Featured Image WordPress

On activating the plugin, it will start working automatically. What it does, is actually it displays an alert message on the top of post which says:

The post has no featured image and without featured image you can’t post your article.

As soon as featured image is set, the message automatically goes off and the post will be published on clicking the button Publish.

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