3 Ways to Increase External Links

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External Links mean that your site’s link placed to another site. This is possible when you write great content and others will be happily link back to your website post. This caused to pull your site audience and Google Page Rank for your site. There are some another 3 ways to increase the External Links for your site.

Poster image 3 Ways to Increase External Links

3 Ways to Increase External Links

1. Guest Posting

A very great and awesome way to get pure external links from top blogs. Guest Posting is the way where you write for other blogs and in the back you gonna be paid with a do-follow back-link to your site. This is really great way to get pure link back to your site along with that a wide variety of audience. This is the way to promote your blog by featuring your blog on other’s blog posts. The easy way to guest post on other blogs is to stay tuned with those blogs for a week and be consistent in commenting on it, and then after a week of struggle the site owner will be able to understand that you have been a consistent reader for his blog. At the time he will invite you to guest post on his site or if not just submit a contact form regarding your guest post. I hope this way will work.

Hint: don’t submit a write for us form until your post is ready.

2. Blog Commenting

The another way to get external links from other blogs is to comment on other blogs. Don’t spam, just comment related to the post on which you are going to comment. Do reply to other people comments. There are a lot more benefits of blog commenting, these of the following are:

  1. Interaction with other people
  2. Wide Exposure to your site
  3. A FAME! if you help them more!

3. Forum Posting

This is the least way to get pure external links for your site. Because most of the forum owners don’t allow links within threads/posts. But, some let’s you enable to post on their forums with a link back to your site. But this is illegal, using the links in the threads/posts rather than in signature.I guess choose a top forum like digital point, and become a daily moderator for it. After that use a signature with your website link so that whenever you’ll reply to a forum thread your signature will appear with your reply along with your site link and this will surely increase your external links.

Thank you for reading!

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