Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 7.July.2013

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In this new and updated WordPress plugins roundup I’ve seen that many of these plugins can help you rank well in search engines also these plugins can help you to manage your blog like a pro. In this roundup, many plugins are to help you optimize your blog for SEO by hiding affiliate links, redirecting out bound links in a new window with rel=”external” which is also referred to as nofollow. Okay, let’s just read the entire article to know more about these new and updated plugins on free WordPress plugins repository.

New Plugins

  1. Affiliate Link Manager – Manage all of your affiliate links easily, short links using your own domain, see report of all views and more…
  2. Bangla Quraner Bani – Randomly Display Bangla meaning from Holy Al Quran.It’s very simple to use. just drug and drop widget or add shortcode on your page/post.
  3. Best Guest Poster – Allow users to submit guests posts or articles.
  4. Galantom – A plugin to integrate galantom fundraising pages into your website.
  5. Microthemer Lite – Renaming MICROTHEMER LITE plugin (the readme.txt still says Microthemer Lite but for technical reasons I needed to make the plugin directory and wordpress plugin url just /microthemer/) Thanks!
  6. SQLite Integration – SQLite Integration is the plugin that enables WordPress to use SQLite. If you want to build a WordPress website with it, this plugin is for you.
  7. WH Debug – Provides convenient methods for developers to debug buggy code.
  8. WP Admin QR Code Generator – This is an extremely simple plugin that generates QR codes for posts and pages

Updated Plugins

  1. Affiliate Window Banners – The Affiliate Window Banners plugin uses the V3 api to load related products into your sidebar widget. You will need to have signed up as an affiliate
  2. Best Guest Poster – Allow users to submit guests posts or articles.
  3. BetterAntiSpamBot – Trick the spambots. Real dynamic JavaScript encryption of your email addresses.
  4. Clicky Analytics – This plugin will display Clicky Web Analytics data and statistics inside your WordPress Blog.
  5. CP Reservation Calendar – CP Reservation Calendar is a booking calendar that allows selecting dates – ex: check-in and check-out dates – for a reservation.
  6. Export to Text – A simple plugin to export WordPress post data into a tab-separated text file format (TSV)
  7. External Links to New Window The external link plugin for WordPress will allow site admins to automatically open external site links to a new window with options for an icon and n
  8. Google Bot Bling – The Google Bot Bling Plugin is designed to help website owners know when Google has indexed their website. (Short Tutorial about Google Bot Bling)
  9. Network Plugin Auditor – For multisite/network installations only. Adds columns to your network admin to show which sites are using each plugin and theme. (Tutorial = How to create Multisite from scratch)
  10. Persian Fonts – change your website fonts by enabling this plugin. (@font-face)
  11. Peter’s Post Notes – Add notes to the “edit post” and “edit page” sidebars. Collaborators can also share notes on the WordPress dashboard.
  12. Social Crowd – Social Crowd retrieves the count/number of Friends/Followers from your favorite social networks and displays them throughout your blog
  13. WooCommerce Bulk Discount Apply fine-grained discounts to items in the shopping cart, dependently on ordered quantity and on concrete product.
  14. WordPress phpinfo It’s important for a non technical administrator to be able to diagnose server related problems in WordPress.
  15. WP Emmet Emmet (ex-Zen Coding) for WordPress.
  16. WP Zen-Coding WP Zen-Coding is an awesome `Zen-Coding` plugin for WP admin page.
  17. WP Title Case Automatically applied title case rules to WordPress titles. This plugin automatically updates Page and Post titles to follow title casing rules.

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