Free 30 PSD Toggle Switches UI Elements

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In this article, I’m going to list down the Free 30 PSD Toggle Switches UI Elements that are especially inspired by Android Toggle switch option. And now it’s available in PSD files to make use of these toggle switches UI Elements in websites. Basically, the toggle switch is a hinged switch that can be assumed by two positions, such as an on/off button. So, Toggle switches are now playing a part in the web designing industry as they are being used frequently as an UI Element.

Why should you just download these PSD toggle switches UI elements directly from here rather than building your own toggle switches with Photoshop. Let me tell you why? Creating PSD toggle switches from scratch would be very tough and time-consuming task, so this is where PSD files come in handy.

Free 30 PSD Toggle Switches UI Elements

1. Toggle UI Switches

Toggle UI Switches

Toggle Switches UI PSD

3. Toggle Switches PSD

Toggle Switches PSD

4. Toggle Switch

Toggle Switch

5. Toggle Switch Variations

Toggle Switch Variations

6. Toggle Switch UI

Toggle Switch UI

7. Toggle Switch PSD

Toggle Switch PSD

8. Toggle On – Off Switch PSD

Toggle On – Off Switch PSD

9. Toggle Buttons (PSD)

Toggle Buttons (PSD)

10. Switches with Lights and Shadows PSD

Switches with Lights and Shadows PSD

11. Switch ON/OFF

Switch on off

12. Switch Buttons

Switch Buttons

13. Sweet Little On/Off Switches

Sweet Little OnOff Switches

14. Sort Switches / Toggles (PSD)

Sort Switch Toggles (PSD)

15. Slide Switch Freebie

Slide Switch Freebie

16. Rounded On/Off Toggle

Rounded On Off Toggle

17. Red On / Off Switch

Red On Off Switch

18. Raindrop iOS Toggle PSD

Raindrop iOS Toggle PSD

19. Psd Toggle Switch UI

Psd Toggle Switch UI

20. On-Off Toggles

On-Off Toggles

21. On/Off Switches and Toggles

On Off Switches and Toggles

22. On/Off Switch Buttons

On Off Switch Buttons

23. Metal Toggle Switch

Metal Toggle Switch

24. Matte Toggle Switch PSD

Matte Toggle Switch PSD

25. Glossy PSD Toggle Switches UI

Glossy PSD Toggle Switches UI

26. Free PSD: IOS Toggle

Free PSD IOS Toggle

27. Fancy PSD Slider + Toggles

Fancy PSD Slider + Toggles

28. Dark Essential Switches & Toggles PSD

Dark Essential Switches & Toggles PSD

29. Buttons And Switches(PSD)

Buttons And Switches(PSD)

30. Lighted Rocker Switch V2

Lighted Rocker Switch V2

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