Top 10+ Free Android Multimedia Volume Controller Applications

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It’s time to entertain some musics, videos, etc enjoy because today I’m with a nice article about Android Multimedia Volume Controller Applications. Each application is nice and tasted in (Sony Ericsson Xperia, not sure about other)… However, all applications are supported in Android 3.0+, Gingerbread, IOS, etc… Let’s have a look on the volume controller applications to get started and came up with one for your Android too ;).

1. Volume Control +

Volume Control Android ApplicationObviously, it’s an Android application for Volume Control and came up with three different type of colors (Blue, Green and Red) more colors will support in Pro version. You can use this application to control the volume for Media, Ring, Notifications, In-call, alarm, system. Mute/unmute,  normal, vibrate, silent.


2. Music Volume EQ

Music Volume EQ is an Android app which easily manages the volume in pretty good manner by a slider with five band Equalizers, Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. Improve sound quality on your Android device and get live audio readings of your current music volume level.

  • Multimedia volume control
  • Five band equalizer
  • Bass boost effects
  • Virtualizer effects
  • 9 equalizer presets
  • Home screen widget
  • Save custom presets
  • Lock media volume
  • Stereo led VU meter

Music Volume EQ Android Application


3. Volume Control Android


Start controlling multimedia volume in Android just by using Volume Control Android application. You can manage these of the following volume types:

  1. System
  2. Ringer
  3. Notification
  4. Alarm
  5. Media
  6. In-coming Call


4. Yet Another Volume Control Android

It manages every sound

Volume Control Android


5. JAYS Headset Control Android

JAYS Headset Control Android Apps on Google Play


6. Smart Volume Control

Smart Volume Control Android App


7. Control panel for Android

Control panel for Android


8. Volume Rocker

Volume Rocker Android App


9. MAVEN Volume Controller

MAVEN Volume Controller Android App


10. Volume+ (Volume Boost)

Volume Volume Boost Android App


11. Volume Ace Free

Volume Ace Free Android App


12. Volume Equalizer

Volume Equalizer Android App


13. Best Volume Widget

Best Volume Widget Android App


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