Easy Way to Enter Recovery Mode on Moto X

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Motorola Moto X is an amazing Android smartphone device and we have inspired with Moto X because of its shape. Out there are many Moto X users who are looking for official HD stock wallpapers that we have shared in one of our previous articles and now just going to show Moto X users the most easiest way to enter recovery mode on Moto X. This may be required when you try to flash new Custom ROMs on your Moto X Android smartphone. Actually, recovery mode is especially designed to facilitate resetting and restoring the device process easy and therefore it has option for performing a factory data reset. In this article, you will find the easy way to enter recovery mode on Moto X.

 Moto x Android Smartphone
Moto X Android Smartphone

Note: The above steps to enter recovery mode are tested on Motorola Moto X Android device only, and if you have another Android smartphone then we suggest that don’t follow these steps on your Android smartphone. Moreover read our disclaimer page.

Enter Recovery Mode on Moto X

So, let’s get in and follow the steps below to know how to enter recovery mode on Moto X Android smartphone:

  • Switch off your Moto X device by pressing the power button and select power off
  • Wait 1 – 10 seconds to move forward
  • Press Power, volume down and up buttons together at the same time
  • For about 5 seconds later release the buttons where the boot menu will appear on your Moto X device
  • In the boot menu you will have to use volume down button to scroll down (And with Volume up you will be able to select option)
  • Just scroll down to ‘recovery’ using volume down and pressing volume up button select the menu
  • On recovery mode screen, you will probably see an ‘injured‘ Android logo on your Moto X device
  • Just press the Volume up and Volume down buttons both at the same time and after 5 seconds press power button once
  • Finally, the recovery mode menu will appear on your Moto X device
  • You can return to Android OS by selecting ‘reboot system now

Congratulations, you have successfully entered into recovery mode on your Motorola Moto X Android device. Now, you can safely perform other tasks on your Moto X Android smartphone like installing an official OTA update, wiping or clearing the cache (best device cleaner Android apps).

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