How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia 8 Android Device

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Previously, we had our article published for entering into the recovery mode of Moto X. Nokia is back in the world of Android and it has been manufacturing best Android phones right now in the market of the Android world i.e., Nokia 5, Nokia 6 now being Nokia 8. So, if you are the big fan of Nokia then you should read this article where I will show you the easiest way to enter recovery mode on Nokia 8. This may be required when you try to flash new Custom ROMs on Nokia 8 Android device.

You should read why recovery mode is designed and how it facilitates you by resetting and restoring the device process easy and therefore it has the option for performing a factory data reset. In this article, you will find the easy way to enter recovery mode on Nokia 8.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Nokia 8

  • First of all, turn off the Nokia 8 device
  • Make sure, it is completed shutdown
  • Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons
  • When you see Android logo on the screen (release the power button but hold Volume down button)
  • I repeat don’t release volume down button
  • That’s where you will see Nokia’s Boot Mode Menu
  • From the list, go down to Recovery and confirm by pressing the Power button
  • Now, Android logo will show (That’s where you have to press and hold the Volume Up button and press and release Power key)
  • Congrats, recovery mode menu should be displayed on your Nokia 8 after following the above steps

How to proceed in recovery mode?

  • Use Volume Up and Down buttons to scroll up or down and Power button to select
  • To go back in your Android by choosing “reboot system now” from recovery menu

Entering into Recovery Mode on Nokia 8 with Adb Command

If you want to enter into recovery mode on Nokia 8 with the help of ADB command then you should install Android SDK on your computer which will help you to implement ADB command to enter in recovery mode. Nokia 8 drivers must be installed.

  • Go to About Phone and tap Built Number repeatedly
  • Here, you will see the “you are a developer” message
  • Go to Settings → Enable USB Debugging
  • Switch on Nokia 8 and connect it with PC with USB cord
  • From your PC, in the Android SDK folder open Command Prompt (Shift + Right-click > Open Command Prompt)
  • In the command window type “adb reboot recovery” and press Enter
  • The recovery mode menu will be displayed on your Nokia 8 device

Note: We always tell our users to read disclaimer before following any of our guides.

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