Payoneer Global Bank Transfer in Pakistan (Available Now)

Freelancers had been dying to have global bank transfer service in Pakistan. Why?

Because we freelancers make a decent amount of income online and every single penny matters to us. After getting paid in Payoneer card then it is easy to withdraw from ATM machines but charges sucks.

Payoneer’s ATM fees is 3$ and our local ATM machines charge around 200 PKR – 300 PKR which is alot for any one of us. This amount of charges is charged on withdrawing 20,000 PKR (200$). That means on withdrawing every 1,000 USD we got to pay fees approx 30$ (3000 PKR) which is equivalent to around 3 days of home grocery.

Guess what? Now that Payoneer have started making global bank transfer in Pakistan which is very fortunate to all Pakistani Payoneer users and freelancers from all around Pakistan because we needed to withdraw mass payments via ATM (which costs a lot) but with global bank transfer service we have a way to reduce the charges per withdrawal.

Payoneer have started making Global Bank Transfer service in Pakistan

Payoneer’s global bank transfer service enables you to easily send funds to over 200 countries, in more than 150 currencies, all through one easy-to-use payment platform. It supports US Automated Clearing House (ACH), international wire transfers, and local bank transfers (funds sent from a local bank in the receiver’s country). Local Bank transfer is what we (Pakistani) have always needed and now we have it. Thanks to Payoneer for enabling global bank transfer service in Pakistan.

Benefits of Payoneer Global bank transfer service

Low Cost: Reduce the cost of sending payments by leveraging our global banking network
Fast: Funds available to your beneficiaries in 1-3 business days
Safe and Secure: Secured by SSL online enrollment verified by DigiCert

How Payoneer Global bank transfer service works?

Following are simple steps to send mass payments to your local banks in your country using global bank transfer service of Payoneer:

  • Login to Payoneer
  • From menu go to Withdraw → To Bank Account
  • After that, fill out the card details to verify your identity, click NEXT
  • Here, you can clearly see Payoneer asks about your local bank details
  • Once you submitted, your local bank details it will go under review and within 2-3 days you can withdraw funds from Payoneer to Pakistani local banks
  • You can withdraw Minimum: 200 USD Maximum: 10,000 USD

NOTE: Charges depends on your country location, usually it is from 5.95$ to 9.95$

How to withdraw Payoneer Funds to Pakistani Local Bank?

After doing all the steps above, you will receive email:

Your request to add a new bank account to your Payoneer account has been received!
The request will be reviewed within the next few days, after which you will receive an e-mail with further details.

Once reviewed you will get another email telling that:

Your bank account ending in XXXX has been confirmed. You may now withdraw funds from your Payoneer account directly to your bank account.

Follow the steps to withdraw from Payoneer to local bank:

  • Finally, go to your Payoneer account and go to Withdraw → To Bank Account
  • Select your card, bank account in which you want to withdraw from Payoneer
  • After filling all the information, click Next

Withdraw Payoneer to Pakistani Bank

  • On the next step you will see the fee and have to pass the security layer to make sure you are the right person.

Withdraw Payoneer to Pakistani Bank Second step

  • After completing the security confirmation check, click on Finish button to finish the process.

Withdrawal confirmed

All clear! All you have to do is wait now. Within 3-5 business days the payment will be right in your bank account. Enjoy Payoneer global payment transfer service in Pakistan now.

Finally got deposit alert by Standard Chartered Bank

Global Bank Transfer Payment in Local Bank

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  1. Thank you for the update Haroon bro… I tried to add my local bank in my Payoneer and u know what I did not had to wait for the approval email. Both emails came instantly.

  2. Kindly add the list of Pakistani local banks that Payoneer supports. Thanks for the update though 😉

      1. I wanted to ask something plz guide me.. you replied to a comment that you don’t withdraw anymore you use local bank transfer feature. Can you plz explain what is local bank trasfer feature

  3. kya main pakistani bank say payoneer main paisay transfer kar sakta hon ya nai?? yani k main standard chatered say payoneer main paisay transfer ho saktay hain??
    if yes then kon si curreny main??

  4. Hi bro,
    Please tell me which pakistani bank account is best for payoneer local bank withdrawal. I will withdraw more than 5000 euros so which bank would be good.

  5. Thanks for sharing the post brother. You have withdrawn $500 to your Standard chartered Bank account and received Rupees 51246.63/- Only. Can you tell how much charges Payoneer deducted after sending you money. I mean did Payoneer deducted only $500 from your account OR deducted $500 + charges??

  6. Assalamoalaikum!
    What currency exchange rate is Payoneer offering currently?
    And which bank in Pakistan is best for the “local bank transfer feature”?
    Please reply ASAP.

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