Top 3 Articles That Help you Target Low Competition Keywords

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I’ve been surfing the internet and was trying to find out new tactics on how to target low competition keywords and rank high in the search results for those keywords? I read out everything that comes in the way about low competition keywords. I was so tired after reading more than 12 articles from the top 30 results from Google search. But now, let me just show you guys a list of top 3 articles that help you target low competition keywords.

At the very first place, why one suggests you to target low competition keywords.

Good monthly search volume + Low competition = SEO success.
High monthly search volume + High competition = SEO failure.

Now, what do you think, that it’s easy to target any low competition keyword? No man it’s not… Because the internet has become very competitive, however still there are lots of excellent ‘good keywords’ to be found and can easily be targeted. You can check out the following list of articles and understand about how to target low competition keywords and rank high.

Google AdWords  Keyword Planner

1. How to target and rank high for low completion keywords

SEO keyword

How to target and rank high for low competition keywords. In the above screenshot you can see that about 716,000,000 results found on searching keyword “SEO” in the search on Google. What it means? It means that never try to optimize your website with keywords that have too much competition. You don’t need be a marketing genius to realize that there is a lot of competition for this keyword and that it is going to be extremely hard to rank for this term. So instead concentrate your efforts on keywords that are much more attainable and easier to rank for. Check out the entire article.

2. How to find low competition keywords with high traffic for your IMGlobal blog

In this article, Richard Thomas will take you through how to find low competition keywords with high traffic. He says: “know there are lots of newbies on board with us, so I thought I would try to clear things up a bit and make things a little less confusing when trying to work out how to find low competition keywords with high traffic – or you could say, high traffic keywords with low competition.” Complete article is here.

3. How to Find Profitable Keywords with Low Competition

In this article, JASON ACIDRE will tell you about how he find profitable keywords with low competition. He says: As we all know (I’m assuming that you already know it), keywords are very essential to all forms of SEO strategies out there. Internet marketers rely on keywords to point their targeted market straight to their websites. The problem is that there are too many smart internet marketers and SEO practitioners today that are already competing for most of the keywords that you desire to invest in. Complete article can be found here.

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