3 Major Dangers of Cyber World & How to Overcome

The cyber world is a huge place. It has everything good and bad. Ranging from unlimited knowledge to the unrestricted access, you can measure which point the internet becomes profitable or harmful for you and your family.


Unfortunately, the perils of the hyper connected world for teens are more than that of its perks. The reason is the immaturity of the kids who use the internet without thinking about the consequences of their actions. Another aspect that makes the cyber world a dangerous place for teens are these three dangers of the cyber world:

  1. Cyberbullying
  2. Online Predators
  3. Inadequate Content

1. Cyberbullying:

You may think of cyber bullying a normal issue, however, it is not. According to an estimate by Nerds On Call, 35% kids have been threatened online, 42% have been bullied and 21% became a victim of online bullying via emails. These are not the only means, teens get bullied through the social forums, dating apps and much more. The adverse effect of cyberbullying on teens is the damage it poses on their self-perception.

2. Online Predators:

The second major danger of the cyber world is the threat of online predators who use techniques such as catfishing, grooming, and mirroring to trap innocent teen and then compel them to meet offline in the real world! You cannot think of your teen as a mature person who can understand all these factors and respond appropriately. Hence, there is a high possibility of them becoming a victim.

3. Inadequate Content:

In addition to being bullied online or become the prey of the online predators, teens are more likely to come across inadequate content that is not meant for their age. They can see pornography, domestic violence, teens’ deadly adventure, addictive etc. Viewing inadequate content can influence the mental health and behavior patterns of your kid leaving a long-lasting impact on their personality.

How is Parental App Solution to all these dangers?

Advanced parental control apps such as FamilyTime empower parents not only to get into the details of the matter but help them protect their teens too.

The app offers a range of features that enable parents to monitor their online and offline footprints. Using the app, parents can:

  • Keep track of the contents their teens view over the internet. They can see if their teens are looking for some help material or antidepressant solution to get themselves out of cyberbullying or if they are amusing themselves with the porn content etc.
  • Watchlist suspicious contacts and stay notified every time the contact is made by either party.
  • Trace the call history of their kids to know who their teens are in contact with and who do they connect with and what time.
  • View their teens’ bookmarks and favorites to know their likings.
  • Monitor the list of apps installed on their teens’ device.
  • Check their app usage frequency.
  • Blacklist questionable apps.
  • Remotely lock their phone.

This is not all. The app provides much more than these controls and monitoring tools. Want to know what? Download the app yourself for free and see it yourself. You can get the app from your phone’s store or from the links below:

Reduce Online Risk Smartly!

You cannot make the cyber world a safe place, but you can secure your teens using the digital controls powered by the parental control app. So, get your hands onto the app and protect your kids not just online but offline too.

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  1. In my family I also use parental control app on my kids’ devices, not Family time though, mine is called Kidslox. But we are using it for other purposes: to limit screen time and and block specific apps. It also has content blocking feature (you can block all the dangerous sites from their base or something specific that you don’t like), but I don’t think that we can and should hide our kids from everything. If they want to find something -they will. I believe it is better not to forbid them some websites, as they will only want to visit them, but it is better just to talk to them and discuss all the topics and the possible issues.

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