10 Best Android Forex Trading Signals Apps in 2017

As you know that we risk out capital in Forex trading to get the most profit out of it but sometimes we don’t have time to monitor charts and analysis regularly. In this case, if you are a businessman but want to earn from Forex trading too then you might wanna have a look at the best Android Forex trading signals apps which are going to help you with charts + technical analysis.

Forex trading with charts + technical analysis and a good understanding of circumstances in the country can be a lot more profitable but this is for those who are long-term online traders. In our case, we are short-term traders and want to invest and get profit out instantly using charts + technical analysis only which can be done with Forex trading signals apps. That’s the reason I chose to write this article so people who are not really familiar with forex trading but still want to earn money from it can use these Android Forex trading signals apps to open and close trades in profit.

In this article, you are gonna get more than 20 best Android Forex signals apps which will profit you while trading with currencies, commodities or even indices online.

Note: Forex Trading is RISK. If you are using any one of the following Android trading signal apps but lose your investment capital in the Forex market, we are definitely not responsible. Because Forex is a market where trillion dollars of trade took place every day and people lose and win every day 5 our 7 days (where Saturday and Sunday are off). The list is compiled on the basis of Google Play Store ratings, user reviews and number of downloads (of each app).

Best Android Forex Trading Signals Apps in 2017

1. Forex Signals

If you use forex signals Android app you won’t miss out any winning trade again. This new version of forex signal markets profit includes a free premium service for signals alerts. Just keep your Android notification bar updated with new forex alerts directly to your Android smartphone each time a signal is opened or closed. The notifications include sound and vibration both can be activated/deactivated at any time from the settings tab in the menu.

Download Forex Signals APK

2. Forex Signals – ZForex

ZForex free Android app that sends you live buy and sell forex signals about the market inning and outing the trade. You can receive market signals in real-time via notification alert on your Android smartphone. All forex signals will include take profit and stop-loss positions. You will be notified if any of the signals are updated. The ZForex app keeps you updated and sends you notification as well on reaching its targeted point.

Download Forex Signals – ZForex APK

3. Forex – Signals and analysis

Forex signals and analysis Android app is a really perfect way of getting market movement tips online. The app is completely free and following are the best features:

  • Daily signals in English for 12 currency pairs and 10 trading tools
  • Signals for market entry and exit
  • Signals’ update in real-time
  • Market review

Free daily Forex signals are provided for the following instruments:


Download Forex – Signals and analysis APK

4. Binary Signals

Binary signals app sends you time specification for the signals. Don’t worry, the time will be converted to the users’ timezone and you don’t have to be accurate and no adjusting needed. Signals are more informative, to improve results. You can click on the signal graph for full-screen view.

Risk: Don’t play binary options are at the very first place because it is way more risky than Forex.

Download Binary Signals APK

5. Forex Trading Signals

Forex trading signals is trusted Forex & CFD signals providing app that helps you predict the market trading Forex & CFD with LIVE forex trading signals sent directly to your Android in the app and you will be able to get live rates on hundreds of different assets.

Download Forex Trading Signals APK

6. Binary Options Trading Signals

Trusted Binary Options Signals app helps you predict the market trading with LIVE trading signals sent directly to your Android, in the app you will be able to get live rates on hundreds of different assets. The app’s system analyzes stock market data including commodities, indices, stocks and currency pairs (forex) to give the best signals in real-time. This app does give trading signals including social and technical analysis signals (RSI, MACD, Stochastic, William %R). However, as the time is always limited in binary options all stock market data is displayed in charts with candles.

Download Binary Options Trading Signals APK

7. Free Forex Signals

Download Free Forex Signals APK

8. Forex Signals & Analysis

Start making real money with the best forex signals and analysis in the market. You can start making money with free FOREX, INDICES and COMMODITY signals.

Just install the app, no registration is needed. This app sends you daily and accurate forex trading signals directly to your Android via push notification.

  • Daily 3-4 free trading signals are provided
  • Trade will have an entry point, stop-loss and a target
  • Technical analysis on 4 hour and day charts
  • Each signal will have minimum Risk Ratio of 1:2 or 1:3 or even better (So it is better to put stop-loss positions)

Download Forex Signals & Analysis APK

9. Forex Trading Signals

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Download Forex Trading Signals APK

10. Stock Signals

Stock Signals is a real-time shares transactions recommendations service and this app gives you push notifications as well as email signals. It also include the share rate to purchase at + stop and limit values to set.

Download Stock Signals APK

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