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How to bypass School WiFi on Android

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There are many immeasurable causes for which schools blocked several apps and sites especially the abused sites. These apps and sites could be harmful to students and can distract them from their studies. However, there are also several circumstances in which students may find it essential to unlock an app or a site. For example concerning crucial projects opening YouTube and utilizing Facebook for group research, etc. There are several ways that help you to bypass school WiFi, some of them are given below. As the title of the article says, and yes this article sheds light on how to bypass school WiFi on android.

Ways to bypass School WiFi on Android

Orbot a proxy app usage

It is the app that has permitted the private use of the internet for all other apps. Through the Onion routing process, it encrypts all internet traffic on devices and also hides this traffic. Onion router is also known by TOR. It flings your traffic to several layers of servers, to make it private and safe. You can find TOR easily on Android google play store. Further, Orbot is extremely beneficial if you are planning to download forbidden content because it hibernates your IP address based location. The only problem with Orbot is that because of the re-routing of your traffic it sometimes slows down.

Using the app for the first time you may encounter some problems or it may be difficult for you. After the determination of country origin, you have to click the onion logo to start your secure and private encrypted connection. After this, you should have to wait for 30 seconds which is the configuration period after finally, you can access the block contents and sites.

Get it from Play store | Download Orbot APK | Orbot app for PC

Proxy Sites

Another the most simple way to bypass school WiFi on Android is the usage of a proxy site. You just have to simply filter your web requests before it relinquishes the site itself. As soon as the site counters, it is again filtered by Proxy Server, securing your web traffic, alternatively proceeding directly to you.

Caution: Not recommended because it kind of violates your anonymity.

This is an excellent way to access blocked sites just by utilizing the browser of your Android device. You just have to write in the proxy sites URL on your browser type the URL of the blocked site which you want to access. The proxy makes it possible for you to access blocked sites by rerouting and hiding your traffic.

Virtual private network (VPNs)

VPNs are a tremendous authorization for unblocking blocked sites using android devices. They are secure and reliable to use. VPNs route your default ISP’s connections to the VPNs secure and individual server. For the stability of your data and identity, it hides your IP address and grants you private and encrypted access. Express VPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost are the three most popular VPNs used on Android. You can find out the best VPN Android apps for your Android device if you want.

Configure DNS servers

This is the last way for bypassing school WiFi on Android, it is the tricky method as there is no requirement of any app installation. All you need just configure your device’s DNS servers manually. Which can be premium or free DNS servers. Most common free DNS servers are as follows:

  • OpenDNS
  • CleanBrowsing
  • AdGuard DNS

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