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How to Remove /blog/ slug from WordPress Multisite Permalink

There has been a couple more issues about the /blog/ slug that is coming up on WordPress Multisite permalink structure. After setting up WordPress multisite blog, WordPress automatically adds /blog/ slug on your main WordPress site. In order to remove /blog/ slug from the WordPress multisite permalink, we got edit rules in the .htaccess file (How to Edit .htaccess file in WordPress?). But don’t worry, you don’t need to touch a couple of codes in .htaccess file.

Removing /blog/ slug from WordPress Multisite Permalink

It’s pretty simple to remove the /blog/ slug from WordPress multisite permalink. Follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Main Site > Settings > Permalink
  2. Set your site permalink to Default
  3. Now, go to Network Admin > Sites
  4. Click on Edit > Settings Tab

Removing blog slug from Multisite permalink

5. Find the word “Permalink” (by pressing¬†Ctrl + F command) and if you have found the word Permalink you can see a blank field next to Permalink word. Just insert you custom permalink. Check out most SEO Friendly Permalink for WordPress.

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