How to Manage Multiple WordPress Blogs from One Dashboard

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Managing multiple WordPress blogs from one dashboard is not really a hard job today. However, let me tell you how?

BTW, it’s possible to manage multiple WordPress blogs from one dashboard.

So, if you rewind back and take a look on 10 years of WordPress success, you can notice that it’s been a great blogging platform yet a powerful CMS (Content Management System) ever.

This time, you can manage your multiple blogs that are already hosted on WordPress using a simple WordPress plugin (WP Remote).

WP Remote WordPress Plugin

Using WP Remote you can manage all your WordPress blogs from one dashboard. Follow the steps below to make it so:

  1. If you have install this plugin in your blog
  2. Kindly sign up on

WP Remote WordPress plugin


  • Track all your WordPress sites from one place.
  • Track the WordPress version each site is running and easily update.
  • Track all your plugins and themes and 1 click update them.
  • Free to monitor and update an unlimited number of sites.
  • Back up your database and files.

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