How to Add Job Openings Page in WordPress with WP Employment?

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Sometimes, we want to grow our network by hiring people around the web for our blogs. In this way, we list jobs on a specific page and if someone is eligible for any of jobs in the list, then he/she will contact us as soon as possible.

But this is somewhat hard to accomplish. We need an easy way to do this. Let me tell you that creating a list of jobs where people can see the opportunities (job openings) and apply to any of jobs from list so easily. To make this happen, we got a WordPress plugin “WP Employment” which lists the jobs on neat and an organized page. It’s easy yet simple way to add job openings on your WordPress blogs and accept applications via pre-formatted email messages.

WP Employment: Usage

All we have to do is to install WP Employment and activate the plugin in our WordPress blog, in which we want to create a job openings page, afterwards simply follow these steps:

1. Go to Settings > Job Openings

2. You are in settings page, where you will have to describe about the company names, Auto Reply From (Name), Auto Reply Content, and Application Disclaimer.

3. Now if you have just did it, simply glance under Comments section Job Openings, this is where you will manage the job openings of your blog.

4. Finally, create 2 pages (Jobs and Apply) in your blog and use this shortcode [WPEM] in Jobs page to render the job listings with the proper tags and use this shortcode [EMAPPLY] in Apply page to render the job application form for the selected job opening.

Final Thoughts

WP Employment is a great plugin which gives us a separate, easy-to-use interface to manage job openings in WordPress.


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