How to Add Read More Link to Copied Content in WordPress

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Have you noticed in most popular websites (like eHow,, etc.) that whenever you copy a couple of words from those sites a read more link is automatically be added to the end of copied content. This is great way to get more exposure and let your blog users to back-link your site if they are copying your site content.

So, if you rewind back and see I’m gonna show you a simple way to add read more link to copied content in WordPress.

Read More Copy Link

Read more copy link WordPress plugin let’s you add a read more link at the end of copied content. All you have to do is to install and activate this plugin in your WordPress blog. Now, follow these steps:

1. Under Settings tab, go to Stormation > Read More, Copy Link

Read more copy link settings page

2. Here you will have to input the data in the field Copy Link Text and limit the number of characters that are being copied:

Read more copy link settings page options

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