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How to Add Custom Browser Scrollbar in WordPress

Are you confused about Custom Browser Scrollbar in WordPress? Well, yes it’s what made me confused also but after doing little research on it I figure out the what custom browser scrollbar is… So, if you want to know about Custom browser scrollbar and also want to add it to your WordPress blog kindly read this article. Where I’m about to discuss complete in details about Custom Browser Scrollbar.

What Custom Browser Scrollbar is?

The scrollbar appears when we usually browse a website where we scroll down the site and a scrollbar appears getting down along the way we scroll, to easily understand  what custom browser scrollbar is see the following image:

What is Custom Browser Scrollbar
What is Custom Browser Scrollbar (Click to enlarge the image)

Adding Custom Browser Scrollbar in WordPress

Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar plugin gives your WordPress blog a customizable, stylish & responsive scrollbar. Every single setting is customizable the color of scrollbar, width, & others from Settings → Dewdrop Scrollbar Options

Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar Plugin Settings
Dewdrop Custom Scrollbar Plugin Settings (Click to enlarge the image)


  • Easy to installation
  • Unlimited colors themes
  • Height & Width Customizable
  • Responsive for all devices
  • Custom control plugin
  • Supported for all major browsers
  • For all WordPress versions
  • And many more…

That’s all.

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