Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 13 July.2013

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I’ve shared some new and updated plugins in this daily WP plugins roundup and I’m pretty sure that you’ll like each and every plugin in the following list. Please stay tuned with this roundup.

New Plugins

  1. Better Stop Adblock – Detects and Blocks Visitors who use Adblock or have Javascript disabled ..
  2. Grid Gallery with Custom Links – Displays gallery images in a grid. You can add custom URLs and captions.
  3. HTML5 Boilerplate htaccess – Automatically adds the HTML5 Boilerplate htaccess rules. Easily speed up your site, automagically.
  4. MF Sitemap – MF Sitemap is a simple sitemap that works perfectly.
  5. No Redirect – Prevents wordpress from being redirected to canonical url. this plugin makes any accessible domain to your WordPress work separately.
  6. SE HTML5 Album Audio Player – An HTML5 Album Audio Player. A plugin to archive, present, and play collections of mp3s (or other html5 audio formats) as albums within your post.
  7. WP Post Redirect – Redirect your posts to an external link by adding the url into a new metabox. Simply and efficient!
  8. WP Inner Link – WP Inner Link is a very simple plugin to inner linking easily. It will work for post, page or custom post type.
  9. WooCommerce khipu – Allows use of khipu in WooCommerce, khipu is a payment method that allows you to pay using Bank Accounts Chilean.
  10. xTrim URL Shorter – Make your Long post or page URL’s very short

Updated Plugins

  1. IFS Management – Purpose of this plugin is to maintain a simple mailing list and send html e-mails to the people in the list.
  2. InfinityFusionLite – A Complete Admin UI overhaul, giving you multiple responsive and retina ready skins for your WordPress Dashboard.
  3. lexiqueAgency – Add a new custom post type (lexique-agency), form search (Search by letter and word)
  4. LDAP-Integration – Having a single login is a must in large organizations. This plugin allows you to integrate WordPress with LDAP for each site.
  5. Mobile Theme Switch – Mobile Theme Switch enables you to define rules that will show a specific Theme when a user accesses using a general or specific Mobile/Tablet/OS/Platform/Browser.
  6. Nice YouTube Lite – Get the easiest and most convenient way to add a YouTube video player to posts, pages and sidebar widgets with Nice YouTube Lite plugin!
  7. ReaSEO – ReaSEO is a cloud-based automatic segmentation SEO tool that can help you determine the keywords and description Xiang Xiang, ease your burden in the SEO optimization.
  8. SZ – Google for WordPress – Plugin to integrate Google’s products in WordPress with particular attention for the social network Google+.
  9. WEN’S IE CSS3 Support – Automatically adds CSS3 support for border-radius, box-shadow, linear-gradient and transitions effects to your website/blog in IE old versions (IE7 +
  10. WooCommerce Direct Checkout – You can skip shopping cart page and implement add to cart button redirect to checkout page. This can lead to an immediate increase in sales.
  11. WP Theme Changrr Connector – Connector used to allow theme switching capabilities with the Android WP Theme Changrr app.
  12. WP Multi Post – WP Multi Post is a WordPress plugin, which make your multi post creation experience easier and faster.

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