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Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 16 August, 2013

New FREE WordPress Plugins

  1. Display File Sizes – Displays the attachment’s file size on that attachment’s edit screen.
  2. PixGridder – A simple page grid composer that splits your pages into ordered grids, a builder for rows and columns
  3. qstring-parameter – Qstring is a plugin to allow to access get parameters from query string or URL easily
  4. Simple Redirect – Easily redirect any post or page to another page with a drop-down menu or by manually typing in a URL. Check out the screenshots.
  5. sProjectProgress – Create a widget with progress bars of your projects.
  6. wp1Note – This plugin gives you a 1 page note for the administrator.
  7. WP Cookies Alert – This plugin adds an alert box notifying visitors your blog uses cookies.
  8. WP User Tracker – Slide-in Notification Bar, Targeted Adverts, Ajax Based Online Counter, Most Viewed Posts, Most Viewed Categories, 4 Unique Widget
  9. WooCommerce Mark Orders as Complete – Automagically mark all WooCommerce orders complete regardless of product type.
  10. WordPress Widgets Refresh – Plugin project for refreshing WordPress core’s widget interface.
  11. Whateverweb for WordPress – This plugin provides a basic integration to Whateverweb optimisation services. Requires an active application at

Updated WordPress Plugins

  1. Content Blocks – Add “blocks” to your content.
  2. HTML5 Placeholder Polyfill – Mimics HTML5 placeholder behavior in browsers that don’t natively support it.
  3. Slidermania – Pile of sliders for your website.
  4. Multisite Language Switcher Comments – Extension for Multisite Language Switcher plugin. Stores all comments into first blog in multisite setup and displays them on all joined pages.
  5. TackThis – Effortlessly start your very own online store on WordPress with TackThis!
  6. Toopher Two-Factor Security – Toopher’s Location-based Two-Factor Authentication protects your website from unauthorized logins.
  7. WP Add Mime Types – The plugin additionally allows the mime types and file extensions to WordPress.

New PREMIUM WordPress Plugins

  1. Advanced iFrame Pro – Include content the way YOU like in an iframe that can hide and modify elements and forward parameters. You can also embed content directly or show a part of an iframe.
  2. Fullscreen Weather Background Video – Fullscreen Weather Background is a WordPress plugin designed in matters of functionality, usability and stylish design.
  3. wp_aadb – WordPress Anti ADs Blocker, Anti Adblock – Wordpress plugin of $AADB, the anti ad-blocking system with which you can protect your website against visitors who hides advertisements.

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