Daily WordPress Plugins Roundup – 9 August, 2013

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New FREE WordPress Plugins

I didn’t find any new WordPress plugins today. If you find any feel free comment below…

Updated WordPress Plugins

  1. Author Manager – Author Manager is a must-have for administrators of a multiple-author WordPress site. Easily view post statistics by date.
  2. CROICE – Croice helps bloggers to create and share interactive audio streams or webinars that attract and engage audiences.
  3. Genesis2 HTML5 – Activate Genesis 2.0′s support for HTML5. **NOTE: Your website’s layout will be broken until you update your CSS code!
  4. Image Rows – A WordPress plugin that lets you create rows of images easily within your content with one simple shortcode.
  5. Simple Revision Control – Simple Revision Control is a plugin for WordPress which gives the user simple control over the Revision functionality.
  6. Thumbs Rating – Thumbs Rating does what you’d expect. It allows you to add a thumbs up/down to your content (posts, pages, custom post types…).
  7. WP Inline Comment Errors – Enables WordPress to display comment form field errors in the page or post with the comment form. Does not require JavaScript or error page redirect.

New PREMIUM WordPress Plugins

  1. Always Up To Date WordPress Posts and Articles – Always Up To Date WordPress Posts and Articles is a premium WordPress plugin that automatically changes the publish date of your articles/blog posts to the current date (+/- dates for each additional article) so if you forget to write a post for that day.
  2. Collapse – Collapsible Sliding Panel for WordPress – Collapse generates a collapsible pull-out panel for your site that you can populate with different content types that you want to prominently expose to your users.
  3. FLATY wp – Premium WordPress Flat Admin Template – FLATY wp is new custom theme designed for the WordPress admin. This WordPress admin theme now gives you the ability to offer your customer and clients a completely new and customised dashboard.
  4. FormCraft – Premium WordPress Form Builder
  5. Woocommerce Order Limits – The Woocommerce Order Limits plugin allows you to set minimum and maximum limits on the quantity of products that your users can buy as well as setting limits on the total value of the cart.

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