How to allow unregistered users to Submit Guest Posts in WordPress

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In WordPress, the user must be registered in order to post on blog but, what if someone just wanna contribute guest post to your blog and don’t want to register? Yeah, there are many people online who love writing but don’t wanna show their real face to their audience.

In this way, the answer of the question (reverse: why will you submit guest posts on my or any other blog). Because guest posting is the way where you write for other blogs and in the back you will be paid with a do-follow backlink for your blog which is really good for SERP (Search engine result position) of your blog. It’s the easiest way to stand out among million bloggers and get your site on top of google search results. Guest posting is considered as the best way to get natural backlinks to your blog along with an exposure to a wide range of audience from the blog you are guest posting for. It’s also the way to promote your blog by featuring it on other’s blog posts.

In this article, we’ll show you how to allow unregistered users and readers to submit guest posts on your WordPress blog.

Can I submit a Guest Posts Here

User Submitted Posts

User submitted posts WordPress plugin is one of the best solution for those bloggers who are looking to allow their blog readers to submit guest posts on your blog without letting them to register with your blog.

User submitted posts plugin actually allows unregistered users and readers to submit guest posts on your blog.

User submitted posts plugin simply gives you a template tag or shortcode that you will have to put on your blog page that will display front-end form for your visitors to submit posts and upload images.

How to allow unregistered users to submit guest post in WordPress

After installing user submitted posts on your blog, simply put the follow shortcode to your blog page where you wish to display post submission form:


What this shortcode will do is that, it will give your unregistered readers an opportunity to submit guest post on your blog without registering themselves.

By default, after the user submits the form, it will automatically save the post in your blog database and posts will show up as pending in your draft posts folder.

The user submitted posts form includes the following fields:

  • Name
  • URL
  • Email
  • Post Title
  • Post Tags
  • Anti-Spam/Captcha
  • Post Category
  • Post Content
  • Image Upload

You can set user submitted posts form fields as required, optional, or disabled. You can set the post status of submitted posts as “Draft”, “Publish Immediately”, or publish after some number of approved posts.

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  1. Dear Muhammad,

    I installed a guest post submission plugin on our WordPress blog. However, guest bloggers still prefer to pitch us by email. I guess personal communication is important in this case. Or is it just a standard practice recommended by many guest posting ‘gurus’ on-line?

    Many thanks,

    Eva Collete

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    1. Yes @Eva,

      You got it right, it’s what many people recommend as I did… Giving the email to your guest bloggers is not good enough, however they can directly submit guest posting form rather than contacting via email. (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)

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  2. Thanks so much for sharing this! Is it possible to allow the person to include/upload a photo along with their post? I suppose what I mean is, is it possible to add that as a submission field, and remove another field, like the “tags” field? I realize I could accomplish this through a simple webform, but what I need is for this to go directly into the approval queue for my blog, which is what your plugin does so perfectly!

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    1. Well there isn’t any option to add attachments with the post submissions via Guest Posts WordPress plugin and associate tags, categories with the post that you are submitting. However, maybe in the next plugin update the more options will be added new features.

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  3. Hi Muhammad,
    Its a simple but also powerful.Can you please tell me,How to add wp_editor func to the ‘story’…..

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