1. Quite a list you compiled here. I would like to another plugin that works quite for social media sharing is Jetpack. Its a great plugin that can not only help you share your content over social media but also provides various functionality which improves your blog in a big way.

  2. Really useful post, Just tried the “Really simple Facebook Twitter share buttons” on my blog & loving it.. Would recommend it to everyone who want to use social media button in each post of their blog.


  3. Thanks for sharing this information.. Im a newbie to webdesigning, and Im taking help from similar blogs like yours to make my site more addictive.

    1. Well Bilal Hassan I appreciate you efforts and keep doing great work. By the way, how are you doing these days, I mean can you tell us something about what you are upto? The next plugin name? Anything?

      1. I work as a web developer at a company, and I want to get involved in developing plugins and themes. Yesterday I released another plugin called RSS This, which turns any RSS feed into a wordpress blogroll. This weekend I will be doing another plugin for a Youtube/Vimeo Video Gallery. The theme im developing is complete, it just requires some cleaning up and some final changes

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