7 Solid Reasons to Why You Should Buy Bluehost

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Bluehost has been florishing over the past few years. And I believe is standing shoulder by shoulder with HostGator. Although, these two Web hosting companies are sister-companies as they’re owned by Endurance International Group, a company fond of acquiring small web hosts, formerly BizLand. With millions of websites hosted by them, it is certainly a reliable web host. Here are 7 solid reasons to why you should buy Bluehost for your web hosting services.


#1 Incredible support

When it comes to choosing and deciding on a Web host, it is incredibly important to make sure the customer support is not just good, but great. It can save you a lot of pain because if something goes wrong either on server side or client side, there must someone behind your back. Just in case you’re not as qualified to solve the problem. Bluehost examplies a customer-support service that nobody could imagine. They help whenever you call. And they even offer to talk via phone call & live chat.

#2 Anytime Money-back guarantee

Read the title again; it says anytime, not “30 days money-back guarantee”. Because that is something I’ve never seen anybody doing (ping me if you know anyone who does similar thing). They will refund your money anytime you ask them, in case you don’t quite like the services they offer.

#3 Very low price

If you’re just starting out, want to double your growth speed but are afraid of seeing heavy costs by “popular web hosts”, Bluehost might be for you. You can get complete hosting solutions by paying only $3.95 for the first month, then $5.99 for months followed. Not many web hosts are this cheap. Go buy Bluehost today!

#4 Domain management

The recent new user interface of Bluehost is so simple, user-friendly and to the point that you’ll never find yourself lost. And, you get one domain free with every plan! Coming to the domain management, primary domain name will be associated as main domain name. And others will be called as “add on domains”. You can always change primary domain, btw.

#5 Built-in CloudFlare

CloudFlare is a Content Delivery Network. It helps make your website load faster by hosting your website files on a diverse network of servers so your visitors retrieve files from server nearest to them. Though you can certainly get it for free otherwise without Bluehost hosting service, but it is way easier with Bluehost.

#6 Reliability

With millions of websites hosted by Bluehost. Most them satisfied makes it reliable. Sure there have been negative reviews, upset customers of them, but there are always 2 sides of the coin.

#7 Simplicity

Major part of new user interface evidently must have involved making things simple. That’s why Bluehost is simple now. The more simplicity a company employs the better it’s focus is clearly seen. What I want to say is that Bluehost have made their website so clear, simple that I will not have to worry if I’m referring someone to their website! Cause they know what to do.

Buy Bluehost Today!

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