Turn Your Scalable Vector Graphics into Path Animation with Lazy Line Painter

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The Lazy Line Painter actually an awesome jQuery plugin especially for the path animation on preparing and presenting SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics ) file as in an action over a webpage. Beside the simple jQuery script this plugin work using the Raphaël Library.

Demo Lazy Line Painter

How Lazy Line Painter works?

First of all, we’ve to create creative illustrations, secondly ensure that it won’t contain closed paths, crop Art-board nice & tight, and export your data as .SVG format because we need the .SVG file drop that file into ‘Lazy Line Convertor‘. Moreover follow these simple steps:

1. First, export your line art from Illustrating tool in .SVG format, and ensure that there are nither fills, nor closed paths. Line needs a start and end

2. Drop your .SVG file into the  ‘SVG to Lazy Conterter’, and Copy the .JS code

3. Import jQuery, Raphaël & Lazylinepainter. Paste Lazyline code with’in DOM ready function & publish

SVG to Lazy Line Converter

See it on Github directory for more info Github Lazy Line Painter

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