Unveil.js – Lazy Load Images with a jQuery Plugin

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I know many of you guys are familiar with lazy load jQuery functionality, which makes our blog load faster in the browser if enabled. As I’ve already written an article about Top 3 Lazy Load WordPress Plugins to Decrease Server Requests and How to Add Lazy Load Social Sharing Buttons in WordPress? But today, I’m just struck between a jQuery plugin called Unveil.js which adds a lazy loading effect over images and decreases the page load time, so easily. It’s a useful plugin and it boosts your websites’ performance by delaying loading of images on long web pages by using a great technique and stop loading images outside of viewport (visible part of web page), until the user scrolls down the page.


If you want to learn the process of how to use unveil.js please have a comment below, I’ll update the article with how to use guide.

Compatibility: All Major Browsers
Demo: http://luis-almeida.github.io/unveil/
Website: https://github.com/luis-almeida/unveil/

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