How to root Honda Civic 2017

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Previously, we have published an article about how to enter developer mode in Honda Civic 2017. There have been issues to enter developer mode in Honda Civic 2017. Now, you can root your Android OS in Civic 2017 to install new apps.

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In order to do more things with Android operating system, we need to root it first. Because rooting process gives your more functionalities within the core of your smartphone.

In this article, you will learn how to root Honda Civic 2017 Android operating system.

How to One-Click Root Honda Civic 2017

Follow the steps below to one-click root Honda Civic 2017:

  • Since, Honda have disabled root privileges in the embedded operating system by default you will have to use a tool to root Honda Civic 2017
  • Honda root tool works freely, but you will need to disable antivirus before continue
  • Download Honda root tool from GitHub repository  here →
  • Once you downloaded .zip file, extract the file
  • From extracted version, run HondaHack.exe and it should connect to the head unit automatically
  • Android ADB USB Driver will be installed automatically
  • All set, just click on the ROOT button (wait till processing is complete)
  • Now the head unit will be rebooted, you will find Honda Installer in your applications list
  • Honda Installer is now installed in the core system of Honda Civic 2017 (you won’t lose it on factory reset)

How to install apps in Honda Civic 2017

  • First of all, you have to download offline install-able APK package of Android app in your sdcard
  • You can download APK files from here
  • Once, you have APK file of Android app that you want to install, open Honda Hack and click Install an app to install APK file on Honda Civic 2017
  • Choose saved APK file from the internal sdcard or external USB drive

Honda Hack features:

If you intend to have more features for your Honda installer then you will need to purchase the pro version of this Honda installer however some of these features are free as well:

  • Easy to force landscape interface where you can see apps such as Spotify properly
  • Bypass parking brakes
  • Install Android apps without laptop
  • Steering wheel controls can be enabled (for Honda Civic and Honda Accord)
  • Auto click the OK button at startup (pro only)
  • Auto run app at startup (pro only)
  • Enable write access to the external USB storage (pro only)

This was the walk through guide on how to root Honda Civic 2017, if you have any issues comment below.

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