The Genesis Framework is being used by many of people out there due to many great features like it’s SEO optimized, well structured, and tons to good-looking Genesis child themes. Can be said it has conquered the great parts of WordPress Premium as well as free child themes. And if you are looking FREE Good-Looking Genesis Child Themes then read on this article to get one and great Free Genesis child theme for your blog. Below is the list of 20+ Free Good-Looking Genesis Child Themes.

List of Free Genesis Child Themes

1. Adaptation by Aaron Hartland

Adaptation Free Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

2. Autobahn by David Decker

Autobahn free genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

3. Base by Bill Erickson


4. BreakPoint by Bradley Potter

Free BreakPoint Genesis Child Theme Demo

Download – Demo

5. Code Chirps by Daniel Shamburger

Code Chirps Free Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

6. Dedicated by Harish Dasari

Dedicated Free Responsive Genesis Child Theme Demo   GenesisAwesome

Download – Demo

7. Weight Loss by PLR-Diva


Download – Demo

8. FlipBlog by Marx Benzon

Another MJBenzon Theme for Bloggers - FlipBlog

Download – Demo

9. Fluid by Nick Croft

Fluid genesis child theme

Download – Demo

10. Fringe by Greg Rickaby

Fringe genesis child theme

Download – No Demo

11. Greetings by Harish Dasari

Greetings Free Responsive Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

12. Jemma by Aaron Hartland

Jemma Theme A Responsive Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

13. Justify by World Web Image

justify free-genesis-child-theme

Download – Demo

14. Nameless by Mónica Guerra Leiria

Nameless – Free Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

15. Photomode by MediaCairn

Photomode Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

16. Pin It by MediaCairn

Pin It Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

17. Portlight by Harish Dasari

Portlight Free Responsive Genesis Child Theme

Download – Demo

FREE Genesis Child Themes by StudioPress

1. 24k by StudioPress

Download – No Demo

2. Fairway by StudioPress

Download – No demo

3. Georgia by StudioPress

Download – No Demo

4. Nomadic by StudioPress

Download – No Demo