Top 15 Best Lightbox WordPress Plugins for Images and Videos

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Lightbox is one of the best way to showcase images or videos on your blog. That can help you to reduce bounce rate of your blog because the images of your blog will be opened on the same page rather than redirecting to individual image page. So, I’m going to show you a list of top 15 best Lightbox WordPress Plugins for images and videos. Using these lightbox WordPress plugins you can display images, videos, simple slide shows, and the content all in an overlay.

1. Lightbox Plus ColorBox

Lightbox Plus ColorBox WordPress plugin implements ColorBox as a lightbox image overlay tool. Let me tell you that the ColorBox was created by Jack Moore and is licensed under MIT License. Lightbox Plus ColorBox WordPress plugin permits users to see the larger images versions without letting users to leave the current page. You will be able to add a lightbox to WordPress gallery images, video, display simple slide shows, forms and external content in overlays.

Lightbox Plus ColorBox

2. WP jQuery Lightbox

A drop-in replacement for Lightbox 2 and similar plugins, shedding the bulk of Prototype and Scriptaculous. Improved for mobile devices.

WP jQuery Lightbox

3. Lightbox Gallery

The Lightbox Gallery plugin changes the view of galleries to the lightbox.

Lightbox Gallery

4. Simple Lightbox

Simple Lightbox is a highly customizable lightbox for WordPress.

Simple Lightbox

5. Easy FancyBox

Easily enable the FancyBox jQuery extension on just about all media links. Multi-Site compatible. Supports iFrame and Flash movies.

Easy FancyBox

6. jQuery Lightbox

Used to add the lightbox effect to images on your WordPress blog 🙂

WordPress jQuery Lightbox Plugin

7. WP Lightbox 2

This plugin used to add the lightbox (overlay) effect to the current page images on your WordPress blog.

WP Lightbox 2

8. Responsive Lightbox

Responsive Lightbox allows users to view larger versions of images and galleries in a lightbox (overlay) effect optimized for mobile devices.

Responsive Lightbox WordPress Plugin

9. WP-Slimbox2 Plugin

A WordPress implementation of the stellar Slimbox2 script by Christophe Beyls (an enhanced clone of the Lightbox script) which utilizes the jQuery library to create an impressive image overlay with slide-out effects.

WP-Slimbox2 Plugin

10. WP Video Lightbox

Very easy to use WordPress lightbox plugin to display YouTube and Vimeo videos in an elegant lightbox overlay.

WP Video Lightbox

11. EWSEL Lightbox For Galleries

Makes the WordPress galleries use a lightbox script called ColorBox to display the fullsize images.

EWSEL Lightbox For Galleries

12. jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

Makes the native WordPress galleries use a lightbox script called ColorBox to display the fullsize images.

jQuery Lightbox For Native Galleries

13. Geo lightbox

Show the big image in lightbox and show the point in the map.

Geo lightbox WordPress

14. OrangeBox

OrangeBox is a Lightweight, Cross-Browser, Automated jQuery Lightbox Script. It can display images, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Flash SWF files, PDFs, iFrames and any other inline content.

15. Rotating Lightbox Gallery

This is a highly customizable jQuery Slider plugin. You can set its width, height, pagination and other parameters.

Rotating Lightbox Gallery

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