How to Increase Twitter Followers Effectively in WordPress

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Twitter is one of the biggest micro-blogging website across the world-wide web, through which people can communicate with each other by tweeting (Def: The chirp of a small or young bird) can also be said that the process of writing message and publishing (either privately or publicly) that message for a specific person or for a group of people.

Twitter allows you to communicate with your friends and family members either privately or publicly by doing micro-blogging at NO COST. Well, let me tell you that Twitter gives you a pretty good chance to allow your followers to follow you on Twitter publicly. So that your followers will be able to get in touch with your every tweet on your Twitter profile whenever you tweet.

By the way, many people out there are trying to increase their Twitter followers because the more you have followers the more you will receive traffic for your website. In this article, I’m going to show you how to increase Twitter followers if you do have a blog on WordPress. I believe that convincing people to follow you on Twitter is somewhat hard however if you have owned a blog on WordPress then you can increase your Twitter followers effectively.

It’s what I call it a tricky way to increase Twitter followers but don’t worry you will surely get followers on daily basis by your website potential.

Twitter Like Box Lightbox WordPress Plugin

Twitter Like Box Lightbox

Twitter Like Box Lightbox is a WordPress plugin which has been deprecated and won’t be maintained anymore. In the future this plugin might be resurected with a better code base. Using this plugin, you can display a lightbox in which you allow your website visitors to follow your on Twitter.


  • Display the lighthox on blog pages/posts or on blog homepage
  • Set a delay for the lightbox to show
  • Grow you Twitter follower base
  • More exposure by the friends of your new followers
  • Ability to show the lightbox once every x days (per visitor)

How to use Twitter Like Box Lightbox in WordPress?

Follow the steps below:

1. Install and activate the Twitter Like Box Lightbox in your blog
2. Go to Arevico Plugins → Twitter Likebox
3. Finally, add your Twitter username and configure the rest of settings according to  your needs.

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