How to: Add nRelate Related Posts in Genesis?

nRelate basically a WordPress plugin which let’s you add related posts below post content. It works absolutely fine with Genesis, though it requires some configuration but it’s fine. In this article We’ll show you, how to add nrelate related posts in Genesis?

nRelate Related Posts in Genesis

Alright! Right from now start following the steps below:

Configuring nRelate in Genesis

Step #1

If you want to add nrelate related posts in Genesis, then you need to place following code in Genesis coding to show up the related posts below posts:

<!--?php if(function_exists('nrelate_related')) nrelate_related(); ?-->


<!--?php if(function_exists('nrelate_popular')) nrelate_popular(); ?-->

And the easiest way of doing it is Genesis custom loops, to hook the simple php codes directly using Genesis Simple Hooks plugin. Simply install and activate this plugin into your WordPress blog.

Step #2 Now, simply go to Genesis > Simple Hooks press ctrl + F (genesis_before_post_content OR genesis_after_post_content) wherever you want to show related posts within your blog. Paste the code from step #1 in the textarea and check box Execute PHP on this hook?.

Now click the buttons Save Changes.

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  1. You might want to check whether that method actually works before repeating nRelate’s instructions. It doesn’t work, by the way….

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