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New WordPress Plugins Roundup – 24 July, 2013

“I was out this week and can’t maintain my time for daily WordPress Plugins roundups, so I just decided to list down only New WP plugins roundups for previous days that I missed.”

  1. 24liveblog – live blogging tool – 24liveblog is a live blogging tool. No Ads. No Overages. No Viewer Limits. Free and easy to use for live blog.
  2. Better Github Gists Widget – A highly configurable GitHub gists widget.
  3. BMoney Custom Meta Boxes – Allows developers to easily add meta boxes with custom fields into their posts or pages. Requires WordPress 3.5+ and is updated frequently.
  4. Captcha for Widgets – Flexible way to inject captca for forms on site.
  5. CCount – This plugin adds a widget showing the commenters and the number of their comments.
  6. Constant Contact Form by – The Constant Contact Form by is a WordPress plugin for Constant Contact emailers.
  7. Csv2WPeC Coupon – Csv2WPeC Coupon provides an easy way to import and export WP e-Commerce Coupon items from and to a CSV file.
  8. Current gallery support for NGG Public Uploader shortcode – Adds support for quickly uploading the current gallery via the NGG Public Uploader shortcode, simply by typing “current” for the gallery id.
  9. Extended Image Info for Nextgen Gallery – Displays the name of the picture’s author and the upload date below the picture itself.
  10. Fields Framework – A framework which can be used by developers to add fields to various sections of the administration panel.
  11. Flipbook Catalog with Woocommerce – Easily create an attractive Flipbook catalog linked to your Woocommerce products or any images. Many custom design configurations. No Flash.
  12. Image Rating by GD Star Rating for Nextgen Gallery – Renders the GD Star Rating shortcode in a way suitable for the Nextgen Gallery.
  13. Image-to-user attribution for Nextgen Gallery – Saves the image’s author (uploader) name along with the uploaded image information.
  14. Jigoshop CSV Importer – Import CSV products into Jigoshop.
  15. KBM Event App Connector – KBM Event App Connector is a plugin which allows quick access to event’s and performances from the Keen Booking Manager System.
  16. LaunchKey – Log in to WordPress with LaunchKey. Kill Passwords!
  17. Live Broadcast – Easy streaming live for WordPress
  18. Link Exchange Lite – Webmasters that want to exchange links with your site can submit a request form after adding a link to your site on their site first. Then you can eva
  19. Multisite Maintenance Mode – Disables logins for all WordPress users except network administrators.
  20. Plugins and Themes in Admin Bar – This WP plugin adds Theme and Plugin menus in the admin bar.
  21. Post Meta Searcher – When activated, forces any WordPress Search Query to query against post meta data as part of the search criteria.
  22. QuizPro – Create and add quizzes for your audience through your wordpress blog via a simple interface.
  23. Simple Custom Post Order – Order posts(posts, any custom post types,any taxonomy) using a Drag and Drop Sortable JavaScript. Configuration is unnecessary.
  24. VSTEMPLATE Creator – Enables you to create template without the need of FTP when your site is in live server.
  25. WP Awesome Announcements – Best WordPress Announcements Plugin integrated with Custom Post Type. WP Awesome Announcements based on latest JQuery UI.
  26. WP Bouncer – Only allow one device to be logged into WordPress for each user.
  27. Weibo2wp plugin – The goal of this plugin is to help people Synchronize their Weibo( which is a very popular light blog in China) to WP.
  28. WP-Font-Resizer – WP-Font-Resizer is a plugin that helps users to increase or decrease font size and also reset default font size.
  29. WP-Seedbank – The WP-Seedbank plugin turns any self-hosted WordPress blog into a community seedbank (or seed library).

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