How to: Save Data Files Directly in Google Drive [WordPress]

I’m going to show you guys a simple way to add a Google Drive button in your WordPress blog posts/pages which will further let your readers save the data files directly in Google Drive. Save to Drive is actually a WordPress plugin enables your site users to save the data files to their Google Drive accounts from an arbitrary URL via their browser. Whenever a user hover over the Google Drive button, it will produce user details, much like Google+1  button.

Save to Drive WordPress Plugin

How it Works?

Using this plugin is really simple, and if you are trying to find “how to use this plugin”, just follow the steps below:

  1. Download Save to Drive WordPress plugin
  2. Install and activate it in your WordPress blog
  3. In order to add Google Drive button in your any blog posts/pages, all you need to do is to add the following shortcode inside post editor wherever you want to appear that button

[savetodrive url='' filename='']

It’s much like create a URL using HTML tag but what makes the above shortcode works is only the two parameters as:

  • url – This is required, and add the full URL to the file which will be downloaded when a user clicks the Google Drive button
  • filename – This is Optional, this is the name that the file will be saved as

That’s it…

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