An Awesome Tool for Sorting CSS Properties in Standard Order – CSSComb

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Sorting out the CSS properties in the standard order can make it so easier to understand and read. When we write CSS properties we don’t sort the CSS statements exactly how they should be. Let me tell you some more about sorting the CSS properties, and how to sort them in standard order.


CSSComb is a free yet an awesome tool which let us sort out the CSS properties which is available for both offline and online users. You can even order CSS properties as desired but the default order that CSSComb provide is pretty good too.

The Greatest tool for sorting CSS properties in specific order

I’m going to show you How Does CSSComb Work?

The idea behind the algorithm that CSScomb simulates is actually, it combs the disarranged CSS-codes and re-arrange the codes in standard order.

An example of how disarranged code can be fixed if CSScomb is used:



  • It easily Combs the CSS-properties within the selectors as the settings are configured
  • It treats the initial formatting of style sheets carefully
  • Sorts commented properties as if they are not commented
  • And more…

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