How to Convert WordPress Post Tags into Social Media HashTags

In this article, I’m going to show you guys about how you can convert WordPress post tags into social media hash tags? I think many of you didn’t understand what I’m talking about. Okay, let me describe it a little bit more about it…

What I really mean by converting WordPress post tags into social media hashtags is that now you can join the conversation on your favourite social media sites about those tags that you have just assigned with a specific blog post.

Social Tags WordPress plugin automatically converts a post’s tags into hashtags, allowing your readers to join the conversation on their favourite social network.

With Social Tags, the post’s tags are seen as hashtags, and adds a dropdown menu when the hashtag is hovered over, giving the reader the opportunity to join that hashtag’s conversation on Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Social Tags WordPress
Social Tags WordPress

This article is more incredible for newspapers and magazines. Titles are likened to newspaper headlines, while categories are likened to the sections of a newspaper (Sports, Finance, etc.). Tags are where blogs are different from their printed counterparts. They allow the readers to easily find other articles related to a specific topic, within the blog.

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