(Last Updated On: March 13, 2016)

Today, we are already creating many forms like contact form, registration form with WordPress in just a blink of eyes. But, for an education based website, we look forward to add a simple account system that can take the personal information from the candidate and save it to the database.

For usual forms, we use several contact form plugins that offer built-in options to create forms via plugin’s interface. But none of the form creating plugin provides a plug & play option. Today, in this article I’ll teach you, how to add a simple account system in WordPress without any knowledge of coding.

Simple Account System WordPress

Simple account system is a plugin that will not give you plenty of options to create signup, logout, registration forms but on activation of this plugin it will replace the default user flow, for login, logout, account (profile), with extra contact info fields, phone, address, country, city, zip code.

create an account with simple account system plugin

It is an essential WordPress forms plugin for any website that offers registration. Simple account system WordPress plugin is the basic need of many sites and helps the administrator to collect the details from the online users and get them signed up.

Make sure you have the Apache mod mime and mod rewrite modules installed and WordPress custom permalinks (Settings->Permalinks).