Scripted Code Editor – Free jQuery Code Editor Implemented with Node.js

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Scripted is a fast yet lightweight code editor made with jQuery. Scripted is an online browser-based editor which has been implemented using Node.js and pure HTML, CSS and JavaScript. However, originally the editor is actually the Eclipse Orion editor but with few more bells and whistles.

If you want to install the Scripted code editor and want to try it once, please click here.

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scripted code editor made with jquery

Scripted’s Features:

  1. Simple, Fast yet Lightweight
  2. Syntax highlighting for HTML, CSS and JavaScript
  3. Errors and warnings for basic cases
  4. Smart hover effect
  5. Good-looking navigation
  6. Integrated JSbeautify properly
  7. Apart from the main editor, a second editor on the side panel can be open
  8. Key bindings can invoke external commands

You can find a lot more features but you’d probably have more fun if you find other features on your own.

Compatibility: Scripted receives most testing in Chrome and Firefox.
Website: none
Download from GitHub:

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