Find Out How Secure is Your Password with Password Strength Meter

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A password should not be so easy containing only numbers or only alphabets, because the hacking bots can easily break those passwords. However to make a password strong we need to use both alphabets and numbers in such hard manner in the password. For this how will you figure out if your password is strong? Let’s talk about a simple jQuery plugin to check password strength. Out there are several websites which let’s you check the strength of a password.

How Secure is My Password?

Out there on internet several tools are available to check the strength of a password like How Secure is My Password?. This website tells you whether your password is strong and if it’s strong how long the hackers can’t find it.

jQuery Password Strength Meter

It’s a simple jQuery password strength meter plugin which tells you about your password strength (From very week to very strong). It’s a nice and free to use jQuery plugin which can be used in the registration forms available on GitHub.

jQuery Password Strength Meter

Resources to Download jQuery Password Strength Meter

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