FlexNav jQuery Plugin for Responsive Menus

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FlexNav is one of those best jQuery plugins that adds responsive menu with drop downs in any website so easily. Your site menus will be able to work in touch-screen devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) with tap targets (which is the main key feature that FlexNav gives you). Want a FlexNav for a one page site with anchors to different sections of the page? Check out the single page pattern demo.

FlexNav jQuery Plugin For Responsive Menus

Features included:
  • Multiple nested sub menus
  • Tap targets to reveal sub menus for touch screens
  • Hover reveal for desktop
  • Keyboard tab input accessibility
  • Fallback support for no js
  • Multiple Flexnavs on one page
Browser Supported
  • IE7-10
  • Latest Safari
  • Latest Chrome
  • Latest FireFox
  • Android 2.2 to Latest
  • Mobile Safari

Download FlexNav from GitHub

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