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  1. Prioritize your day
  2. Make a to-do list
  3. Make a NOT to-do list
  4. Hang a ‘do NOT disturb’ board around your workplace
  5. Use Pomodoro technique
  6. Learn to say ‘no’
  7. Avoid checking emails as you first sit to use computer
  8. Have a good working environment
  9. Get rid of all clutter
  10. Be positive (yes, that helps!)
  11. Avoid using social networking sites until you’re done with the task you’ve been putting off (for that, use Cold Turkey)
  12. Do not check emails again and again. One time processing is good, but if it’s necessary you may go with twice, too
  13. Have a minimal desktop
  14. Use one tab at a time technique (TabZolo‘s here for rescue)
  15. Work while you work
  16. If put 100% of focus in work, you’re likely to get it done by 3x earlier (my estimate, don’t take it serious)
  17. Eat the big frog first. I mean, do the hardest or most important task first
  18. Exercise energizes. It’s good
  19. Have goals
  20. Have no goals
  21. Plan (with it, you don’t know the path to you desired destination)
  22. Stop thinking. Start doing
  23. Have an idea? Ask yourself, ‘what can I practically do about this idea?’
  24. Implement (genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration. — Mark Twain)
  25. Unsubscribe from useless emails (use
  26. Stop being a darn wuss
  27. Dream big
  28. Go into unknown space (going into the unknown is how you expand what is known. — Julien Smith)
  29. Work in small chunks
  30. Set deadlines
  31. Punish for missing deadlines
  32. Reward if you didn’t
  33. Hand your friend 10$, get slapped for getting into undesired tempting behavior
  34. Have a monitoring partner
  35. Maintain a sleeping time
  36. Maintain a waking-up time
  37. Sleep no more than 6.5h
  38. Go to bed early
  39. Get out of bed early
  40. Eat more protein
  41. Think big
  42. Focus on one thing at a time
  43. Track your time (use RescueTime)
  44. Get inspired
  45. Read more than ever
  46. Break limits
  47. Start now, not today, not tomorrow, or never
  48. Your time is limited, make it count
  49. Keep your reigns in control
  50. Be an optimist


These were all the productivity tips I could find. This is where, I ask urge you to tell me your tips (if any). Or, just do me a favor, forward this article link to someone. Just one. They’ll thank you later. And, if you don’t mind, consider sharing. Thanks!

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