How to: Protect Email Addresses From Email Harvesters in WordPress?

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Why Protecting Emails from Emails Harvesters?

Protect emails from email harvesters

 Actually, the process of harvesting email addresses from webpages and collect those emails into a list usually termed as spam. Email harvesters have been increased from past few years. They use software to harvest emails from open webpages like forums, Q & A communities, comments section of a blog and add those emails into a list. Afterwards they sell that list of emails to the spammers, hackers and so on. The hackers will try to send the malicious scripts through emails which then usually received in the junk or spam folder. On opening those emails either your email address gets hack or maybe your computer will be filled with malicious codes which may harm your potential data (example: browser and website).
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Email Address Encoder

The question is quite simple on how to stop email harvesters from harvesting your emails addresses. Well, the most common technique to make harvesting emails more difficult to robots is to change “[email protected]” to “haroon at example dot-com”. Here is what you will glad? Email Address Encoder is a WP plugin which protect your email addresses from email harvesting robots is such a pretty way by encoding them into decimal and hexadecimal entities. However, this plugin has no configuration options.

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