How Facebook is addictive?

You know, Facebook is a giant social networking platform that you’ve been active on since you first did sign up there.

You just got on your lappy and there you log in to your Facebook account, thinking you’re just checking it if there’s something worth your attention just for a few minutes which doesn’t take much of your time. You go through the news feeds (which is endless), lookin’ for something that you don’t know if exists.

You know you’ve got work to do. A LOT OF.

You justify, “I’ll just check it, which will take a few minutes only.”

Minute by minute and there you’re stuck with a few friends on chat, discussions in groups, etc. And an hour passed by.

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You had to log out, but you’re stuck now. Time exceeded. But? You’re stuck and can’t flee because you don’t want to disappoint your friends, do you?

You’re a Facebook addict, and you even don’t know you’re. Here’s why you’re addicted to it, and how you can overcome the addiction in the simplest (simplest doesn’t mean easiest though) way;

Why it’s addictive?

The reason you’re addicted is because you’re happy with it. Each time you get a message, friend request or a comment/like you get a positive feeling, a good feeling. Who don’t like positive feelings?

Each time this happens, you get a positive feeling; thus you feel good and comfortable. And, you tend to stay in comfort zone with positive feelings as this makes you feel GOOD.

Those feelings sooner than later become an addiction that we’re unaware about.

How to overcome?

Though, here’s not much on that as here’s my job is just to put the most simplest way not each or easiest one.

In order to get rid of this bad habit (costing you days), all you need is; to avoid positive feelings. And stay out of comfort zone. Simple as that.

That’s all.

What’s next?

I don’t my blog readers to leave the place without implementing what’s just got in their brain.

So? Here’s what you’ve got to do;

Give it a go, next time whenever you find yourself trying to log in to your account, just don’t let that happen (don’t let positive feeling come in). Deal?

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